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Kilkenny Limestone Paving

Kilkenny Limestone Paving

Irish Blue Limestone, one of Ireland's most precious resources, has been treasured and used for centuries. This charismatic and multi-faceted stone has many destinies, from the centre-pieces of contemporary home design to the principal theme of architectural projects around the world. It is our pleasure to introduce our extensive range of Irish Blue Limestone products in distinctive Classic Blue, Dark Selection and Fossil varieties, individually rendered in a number of high-precision quality finishes. Various shade and finish combinations tease the stone into its many expressions of colour and texture, as it courts the light and develops in complexity with time. Welcome to the beauty of Irish Blue Limestone

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  1. Fuge Immobest 20Kg Bucket
    Fuge Immobest Elastic ready mix pavement fixing mortar – the solution to your pavement joint problems! Dimensions of Joints; Joint Width: Min. 5mm Joint Depth: Min. 20mm Fuge is a one-component, ready to use jointing mortar, suitable for natural stone, concrete and slate pavers. It is permanently water permeable, prevents weeds from sprouting and is strong enough to withstand both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Fuge is easy to apply, and thanks to the unique "all weather formula" it can be applied regardless of weather conditions. Application Procedure: 1.Soak paving area with water. (particularly Granite) 2.Open bucket and spread the Fuge on the wet surface. 3.Rinse the material into joints with soft jets of water helps to fill the joints deeply and without voids. Do NOT point jet of water directly into the joints. 4.Use a broom and sweep the Fuge diagonally into the joints. 5.Finally spray paving area with a soft jet of water, sweep off any dry/loose material before drying process begins. Note: Pre wetting of surface prevents the build up of residue on natural stone or concrete. Colours; Sand, Stone Grey and Black Pack Size; 20Kg Bucket Learn More
  2. Kilkenny Sawn Limestone Paving
    Kilkenny Sawn Limestone paving is the cheapest in the large range. This finish highlights the natural unrefined appearance that results from diamond frame-sawing. Light-grey in colour, the sawing creates a typical pattern with lighter and darker lines on the surface. Treatment of smaller paving in a tumbler creates an ageing effect on the edges for a more 'cottage' like look. It has sawn edges and comes in 2 depths and one size only 600mmx300mm 20mm Depth - €57.50 per m2 30mm Depth - €73.80 per m2 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT @ 23% Learn More
  3. Kilkenny Flamed Limestone Paving
    Kilkenny Flamed Limestone paving is a popular choice. A slightly translucent speckled grey colour. The surface is smooth but with an irregular texture of minor creases, lending a modern finish with a truly original texture and excellent slip-resistant properties. Available in 2 depth and one size only 600mmx300mm 20mm Depth - €64 per m2 30mm Depth - €81m2 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT @ 23% Learn More
  4. Kilkenny Stonewashed Light Limestone Paving
    Kilkenny Stonewashed Light Limestone paving. Resulting from an advanced technological process that applies abrasive action with ceramic chips on the stone surface and edges. It renders a unique rich finish with smooth rounded edges. Available in 2 depths 20mm Depth available in 2 sizes - 600x300mm and 600x400mm - €85 per m2 30mm Depth available in 1 size only - 600x300mm - €91 per m2 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT @ 23% Learn More
  5. Kilkenny Blue Brushed Limestone Paving
    Kilkenny Blue Brushed Limestone paving. A smooth blue-grey colour and matte texture with faint pattern or circular scores. This typical appearance is rendered by a surface polishing process using diamond brushed. Available in 2 depths and one size only 600x300mm 20mm Depth - €73.80 per m2 30mm Depth - €91 per m2 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT @ 23% Learn More

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