Lite Gold


Lite Gold is a light coloured golden sandstone. Strong enough for use on driveways.
A very popular stone that can be seen in places such as Kildare Village.

If you are thinking of doing your driveway with Lite Gold – you can get sandstone crusher dust for laying under the stone. Don’t make the mistake of laying a light coloured stone on a dark base.

To calculate how much stone you will require for your job. Each tonne of stone will cover the following areas;
@ 1″ Deep – 20m2 / 220Ft2
@1.5″ Deep – 15m2 / 165ft2
@2″ Deep – 10m2 / 110Ft2

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Available in: 6mm 10mm 10mm & 14mm Mix 14mm 20mm Mulch(40mm)


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