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Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone

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  1. Alpine White
    Alpine White is a popular grave stone and is 14mm in size. Pure white stone available in 25Kg Bags @ €10 each Learn More
  2. Black & White Mix
    Black & White 50/50mm Mix. Black limestone & White Marble 14mm chippings in a 50/50 mix. Ideal for graves 25Kg Bags only Learn More
  3. Black Chip
    Black Limestone Chip is a crushed stone available in 14mm and 20mm. Available in 25Kg bags, 1ton bags and loose loads for driveways. Suitable for use on graves or on driveways. 25Kg Bags €9 1 Ton Bags €60 Loose Loads - please contact us for price as it depends on the volume and the location of delivery. I ton of stone will cover the following areas; 1" Deep = 20m2/220Ft2 1.5" Deep = 15m2 / 160Ft2 2" Deep = 10m2 / 110Ft2 Learn More
  4. Blue Limestone Pebble
    A natural round pebble, this Blue Limestone is mostly blue's, grey's and cream's. Clean stone from Tipperary and suitable for driveways, paths and flowerbeds. Available 1 Ton Bags or loose. 3-6 mm 10mm 20mm Learn More
  5. Blue/Gold Sandstone
    Blue/Gold Sandstone 14mm and 20mm sizes. Lovely rich gold colour wet and dry. Ideal for footpaths, driveways, gardening. Available in 1 ton bags and loose loads Learn More
  6. Bracken Gold
    Bracken Gold decorative stone20mm €80 per ton bag Learn More
  7. Bronze Mulch
    Do you love the look of bark mulch but don't like the work? Do you want to stop the maintenance that using bark mulch means you have to do every year? Well we have the answer. Bronze Mulch is the stone that looks like bark but it dosn't blow away, house vermin or need to be topped up on a annual basis. Available in 2 sizes - small and large Learn More
  8. Donegal 50mm
    Donegal Quartz is widely used in both commercial and private landscaping projects. The growing appeal of natural materials in construction and landscaping has created a strong market where range of selection and quality is important. Quartz is a brightly coloured decorative gravel will bring to life and finish every garden, offering a solution that will add to the value of any property. Available in 1 Ton Bags and loose. 14mm 20mm 25-37 mm 40-70 mm Learn More
  9. Drumquin Mix
    Drumquin mix decorative stone 20mm €95 per 1 Ton bag Learn More
  10. Glenealy Gold
    Glenealy Gold decorative stone 14mm €95 per ton bag Learn More

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