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  1. 10 Year Sealer
    Paving Patio & Driveway Protection is the leading product for the protection of all low porosity .This product offers water repellent and oil repellent protection for paving, patios, cobble-lock, concrete stairways and driveways. Paving Patio & Driveway Protection is an environmentally-friendly product, completely water-borne (non toxic, solvent and silicone-free). Paving Patio & Driveway Protection is totally colourless after application and changes neither the appearance nor the composition of the treated material. It is also UV-resistant and does not discolor with age. ADVANTAGES AND CHARACTERISTICS • Effective for more than 10 years. • Prevents the penetration of water and oily liquids. • Limits efflorescence formation. • Anti-staining, anti-dirt. Prevents chewing gum from sticking to treated surfaces and stops dirt due to pollution from building up again. Limits moss and lichen growth. • Makes cleaning easier. • Non-hazardous and non-toxic Prices: 1 Litre- €35.00 5 Litres- €145.00 25 Litres- €700.00 Learn More
  2. Roof Protection
    Roof Protection is suitable for use on all natural roof tiles. Using this product will stop the growth of moss, lichen and organic growths on your roof. By repelling the penetration of water, oil and pollution.   The surface will stay clean and repel organic growth.
    10 year guarantee.

    Learn More
  3. Colour Enhancer Sealer
    ProtectiT Colour Enhancer is an aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion which enhances the colour of natural stone and porous building substrates. ProtectiT Colour Enhancer prevents ingress of most types of surface contamination, including water, oil and graffiti to porous building substrates.. ADVANTAGES A surface treatment for porous substrates, to prevent water and liquid ingress. USP-400 also prevents airborne dirt and stains from adhering to the surface. It has a good resistance to graffiti. USP-400 reduces surface degradation as atmospheric contaminants no longer stick to the surface. USP-400 resists moss and lichen formation and will not alter the aesthetics of the treated surface (invisible protection). A treated surface will remain moisture vapour permeable. UV resistant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Environmentally friendly. Prices: 1 Litre- €38.00 5 Litres- €165.00 Learn More
  4. FugeSeal
    Fuge Seal Sealer and Strengthener Fuge Seal is a hydrous dispersion for coating and sealing new and cured concrete components and natural stone. Fuge Seal transparent coats are protective layer for surfaces. Fuge Seal surfaces are effective Ca-Ion barrier 1 litre bottle usable for approx. 5m2 Learn More
  5. Stone & Concrete Protection
    PROTECTiT-Stone & Concrete Protection is an aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion. PROTECTiT-Stone & Concrete Protection prevents ingress of most types of surface contamination, including water, oil and graffiti to porous wall, floor and roof building substrates. Price: 1 Litre- €30.00 5 Litres- €135.00 Learn More
  6. Seal It (3 Year Protection)
    Seal iT is a new generation water based fluoropolymer water based impregnation sealer designed to give up to 3 years Oil and Water Repellency to porous wall & ground surfaces. Seal iT is a surface treatment, impregnation product which prevents water and oil ingress. Seal iT prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the surface giving an easy clean surface. Price: 5 Litres- €70.00 25 litres- €325.00 Learn More

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